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Drama Queen Icons

Common graphics with royal airs!

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Welcome to dramaqueenicons, cooking_spray's icon and graphic journal. She may not be the best, the most productive, or the most original, but toying with Photoshop is one of her hobbies, and she likes to share. Enjoy your stay, and feel free to friend.

The general with any icon journal you may have encountered, but I'll restate my policies just to be safe . . .

[x]Comment if you decide to take. You don't have to state specifically which number, even though that would be very nice. This way I can keep track of who's using or may be using my work and make sure they . . .

[x]Credit me! I cannot stress this one enough. It's very disrespectful to use the work of others without crediting them; otherwise, people may wrongly credit you. Old hat, but it's simple, and it takes no time at all. When you upload, just enter "Icon by < lj user = " cooking_spray " />" without spaces in the "comment" field.

[x]Absolutely no hotlinking. When saving my icons, do so to your own server, if you have one, your hardrive, or a hosting service like Photobucket. Using the link steals bandwith from my account, and usually results in me being very angry. Just don't do it.

[x]Textless icons are not bases. Please don't edit them, or any of my other icons, unless I give you special permission or state it the post that it's okay. The only time that this will be acceptable is if I'm posting bases, which are designed to be altered anyway.

[x]Don't redistribute without permission. Nothing makes an icon maker angrier that to see their work plastered all over someone's MySpace without credit. We may not be graphic geniuses, but we don't like to see our stuff pillaged. Even though the internet's a big place, if I catch you, I won't hesitate to chew you out.

[x]Unless specifically offered, I do not accept requests. I'm not an icon machine. I do extend my services fairly often, though, but asking if you can have "such and such icon in this color instead of that color" gets irritating. We all have our tastes. If you don't like what I've offered, go find something better to suit them.

[x]Enjoy! Nothing gives you happiness like knowing your work and effort is being appreciated. If you like, I'll keep giving!

And that is the long-awaited end of my corny introductory. =P

These are the talented people whose brushes, masks, gradients, textures, and patterns make my icons look as pretty as they do. Without them, my work would be quite dull.

If you have a question about a specific brush, just leave me a comment in the post where it's used. I'll try to direct you to the set or send it to you. All I ask is that you follow the brush maker's directions for the usage of their work.

The List


If you recognize your work and do not see your name listed, please drop me a line, and I'll add you to the list right away. I'm only human. =)